Kids & Early Adolescents

Our Kids & Early Adolescents program caters for children between the ages of 5-11 years. The movement based program includes strength development, balance and coordination skills, core strengthening exercises, running technique drills, jumping, landing and agility progressions, flexibility and basic tumbling skills.

The program aims to instil good habits for general health and wellbeing, optimise your child’s physical development and athleticism for the future, as well as implement injury prevention strategies that can be carried through adolescent hood and beyond.

All the movements and exercises in the program are progressive in nature and enable kids of all levels to participate in the program regardless of their individual athletic capabilities.


e.g. severs disease, muscular dystrophy, scoliosis, fibromyalgia

 Live Athletic trainers are exercise physiologists and specialise in exercise prescription for all musculoskeletal or developmental conditions. Within paediatric populations we train fundamental movement skills and provide an individualised exercise program for children affected by any condition that limits their ability to participate in school, sport or community based activities. It includes a focus on strength training to improve muscular strength and endurance, correct postural abnormalities and manage chronic musculoskeletal conditions. 


e.g. autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome etc

Live Athletic exercise physiologists provide a program to focus on the development of movement skills such as balance, coordination, climbing, throwing, catching and jumping among others. The goal of the program is to help children enjoy movement in an environment that encourages participation, fun and learning of movement skills. Activities will be appropriately targeted for their skill level and will help build self esteem and motivation levels. We aim to improve children’s movement skills to ensure that every child has the opportunity to participate in sport and exercise.

Physical & athletic development

Using the same strategies as above, we can develop a more comprehensive program for your child based upon their sport and