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Pride 7s rugby

Pride sevens is a women's rugby sevens program for talented female athletes based in Southern Sydney. Inspired by the success of a Aussie women's sevens team at the Rio Olympics, the team was founded in late 2016.

The program is run by Justin Lang and is based from Live Athletic, a 350m2 high performance facility based in Cronulla.  Justin is an exercise physiologist and his role is to oversee all the high performance aspects of the program.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive training program that will enable Pride Sevens players to push for selection at state and national level. The girls are doing upwards of 10 sessions per week including gym, speed and conditioning, tackling and ruck work, sevens training and recovery.


  • Are you a female athlete?
  • Do you have strength, speed and power?
  • Would you like to play an olympic sport?

Limited places are available for girls who can demonstrate a strong background in high performance sport. Please forward a brief sporting resume outlining you sporting experience and achievements to the email address below. No rugby experience is necessary.

Contact Justin Lang on 0404851158 or for more information.



Cassie Staples - Rugby 7s

In November 2016 one of our athletes from Live Athletic, Cassie Staples, rang me and said 'I want to play footy can you help me'. Cassie had played netball her whole life and had been playing at Premier League level which is basically 2 levels below the national league. 12 weeks later, on the 21st January 2017, Cassie represented Australia in a developmental team at the Darwin 7s. 

People now tell me that she is talented and that this is an exception. Talent didn't make this happen. Moving to Sydney from Batemans Bay as a 19 year old, training hard for 5 years, eating the right foods, paying her own gym fees, progressing in her work career, having the self belief made this happen. 

All this inspired the formation of Pride Sevens. A rugby program giving talented female athletes in Southern Sydney the opportunity to learn and play this Olympic sport. 

Cassie went on to make her Australian debut at the HSBC World 7s Series in Langford, Canada in May 2017. She went on to play the last leg of the world series in Clermont, France in July 2017 and was officially contracted as a 2017/18 Australian Women's 7s player in August. 


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Crescent head 7s held in early 2017 was Prides second ever tournament. After being together for only 5 months, the girls went through the day undefeated and without a single point conceded. A result of the work they put into their strength and conditioning, weekly tackle/ruck sessions at Live Athletic, speed sessions, passing sessions and sevens field sessions.

Our vision has always been to provide a program in Southern Sydney for talented female athletes to build the athleticism and skills to play rugby 7s at an elite level. It was very exciting to see all the work come together at such an early stage of the teams development. 


NSW Winter Sevens Series gave the Pride team an opportunity to play over the winter months against some of NSW best club teams. This tournament was played over 4 weekends and assisted in building the skills of the girls. 

Pride won round 1 of the Sydney 7s without conceding a point and backed this up to take out round 2, winning the grand final 34-10 against rival Sydney Uni. In round 3 the girls faced their toughest game since they began playing and came out with a close win over Sydney Uni. Pride were awarded the overall NSW Winter Sevens Series Champions. 


Pride managed to tuck another tournament title under their belt with a win the Bowral 7s competition in late September 2017. 

With a large number of girls playing at the AON uni sevens, it was an impressive feat from the Pride development side. The girls put on display some amazing rugby skills and showed that the future of Pride is looking very bright. 



The AON Uni 7s was introduced as a new national Women's 7s tournament in 2017. This competition consisted of 4 legs taking place in Tasmania, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the month of Sept. 

Pride had 8 girls selected in various university teams and gave the girls an opportunity to play against some of not only the countries but the worlds best players. 

The AON series is extremely significant in the development of our Pride players but also in the development of Australian Women's Rugby. For an insight into this exciting tournament see here.


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