Our kids program is a movement based program for the physical and athletic development of kids ages 5-11 years.  The program includes strength development, balance & coordination skills, core strengthening exercises, running technique drills, jumping & landing progressions, flexibility and basic tumbling skills.

All the movements and exercises in the program are progressive in nature enabling kids of all levels to participate in the program regardless of their individual athletic capabilities.  

Health & wellbeing

It is every human beings right to achieve optimal health and wellness.  Our program and expertise is available to any individual,  not just athletes.  Regardless of your current level of health and fitness the process of building strength, suppleness and physical resilience remains the same.  Put your health and wellness in the hands of our exercise physiologists who will assist you in your journey to optimal physical functioning.


The adolescent program focuses on developing strength, flexibility and movement skills to build physical resilience for improved athletic performance and injury prevention. 

The boys program progresses from a ‘body weight’ strength training program in early adolescence to more advanced strength training in late adolescence. The girls program includes a lower limb injury prevention program consisting of balance, proprioception and core strength that research shows reduces the risk of lower limb injuries in female athletes.

See our Safe Start Program for more!

Athletes, artists & performers

Our high performance program combines gymnastics strength training, barbell strength training, Pilates, flexibility training, exercise based rehabilitation, tumbling skills and athletics (plyometrics, speed, agility, footwork, balance training).  The focus of this program is to maximise the physical capacity of each participant to achieve excellence in physical and athletic performance.

Flexibility & Mobility

Having a supple body that allows you to move without restriction is something that has escaped so many people in the 21st century. 

Flexibility or range of motion around our joints is the key that unlocks the potential to live life to its fullest potential in regards to achieving optimal health and wellness. 

For athletes, developing high range flexibility unlocks the potential to perform movements at the highest level of execution which is a requirement for the technical excellence to be the best.

Injury rehabilitation

Live Athletic trainers are exercise physiologists and specialise in exercise prescription for all musculoskeletal conditions, chronic disease and illnesses, neurological conditions and post-operative rehabilitation.  To discuss your injury or condition with one of our exercise physiologists click on the getting started page to book a free 15min consultation for further information about our program.